Bluefin Tuna fishing

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The Bluefin Tuna is widely regarded as the pinnacle species of sport fishing. There are bigger fish, like the Marlin, but NOTHING will prepare you for the pull a 300lb tuna can put out. Where the Marlin may win in overall size, the tuna definitely will out pull it. It can take an experienced angler several hours to boat a big tuna, and many an inexperienced fisherman has lost there first hook up on bluefin, because they have never fought a fish like this one. You need to pace yourself, and present only the very best rod, reel, line, knot, and hook to the fish. If any one of these aspects is lacking, you will surely loose your fish. Also, technique will play a large part in your success. Make sure that the drag is just right, keep the rod tip up, and dont be ashamed to tag team the fish, by taking turns to get the fish on the boat.



The Pacific Bluefin is among, if not the most, prized sportfish that can be caught by an angler. Many new anglers struggle to even get one on the line, but even if you do hook one, you have to have perfect execution to get it on the deck. They put up one hell of a fight, often lasting hours. I have seen them wear through very thick fishing line by just pure brute strength and a strong will to live. All that being said, there is no more of an exhilarating battle to be found between a man and a fish. Remember, 40 to 300lbs!

There are several techniques we have found to be more effective than trolling or freelining bait (although these methods still work well)!


Kite fishing is the method of using a kite to fly your bait up and away from the boat. This accomplishes two things. Firstly, it moves your bait far away from your noisy boat and puts it quite a way off in the distance. Secondly, it take the fishing line out of the water so that the Bluefin can not see the line. The kite just dips the bait in the water occasionally. Putting frozen flying fish as bait is irresistible to them.


This method uses a Helium Ballon in place of a kite to lift the bait away from your boat, and out of the water. Good for a calm day.

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Bluefin fishing is the pinnacle of Southern California sportfishing (and arguably the world) for its pure brute strength and incredibly tasty table fare. Favoring water temps around 60-72 degrees, this broader spectrum of temperature flexibility allows this fish to bite nearly year round. However, the general season usually starts in March and goes through October.

Rest assured, we take Blue Fin Sport Fishing very seriously! All of the gear provided on a bluefin trip is our best, heaviest, and newest tackle. We run 50 wides for when the big blues are out! If you do hook one of these monsters, be prepared for a long and hard fight. Our captain will maneuver the boat to put you in the best position to land the fish, all the while our deckhands will be standing by with multiple gafs. As soon as you see the fish under the water, yell "COLOR" and one of our deckhands will quickly come over and land your fish.

Using Frozen Flying Fish

Caught on the kite!

Another day, another blue fin.

Over 300lbs!

Another Happy Customer.

The vessel DeadEye with Captain Trevor hauls in another one.

12 Hours is All You Need!

Hop on and hold on, we can haul butt to the tuna grounds!


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