Calico Bass

Calico Bass, Stripped Bass, Spotted Bass , Sand Bass, are all main stays of the San Diego winter fishing scene. The main reason why, is some people don't like to go rock fishing. They say its boring, they say its too easy, well I have no comment on that. I like rock fishing, but its true if you want a more challenging fish that will absolutely put up a strong fight, then look no further than the Calico Bass. I personally have seen one that was 9lbs, but most of them are in the 3-6lb class. Perfect for a light rod and reel, running 10lb test. The two most popular methods of catching this fish are live bait on a hook with a very small lead, that is free-lined slowly to the bottom and then retrieved quickly. Alternatively there are a myriad of artificial lures for saltwater bass fishing.

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