Frequently Asked Questions

Call 619.508.7823 or LIVE CHAT.

What is the Cancelation Policy?

Our full cancelation policy can be found here. Basically you can cancel up to seven days prior to departure for a full refund.

Are We Guaranteed To Catch Fish?

No, but we want everyone on our boat to catch fish. Your trip is planned out with some of our best spots according to what fish you want to catch.

Can We Keep Our Fish That We Catch?

Yes of course. If it is legal and within California State Limits. You can keep your catch. We will even prepare it for you by fileting the fish and putting it in zip lock bags. We DO NOT over harvest on our trips.

Will There Be Hidden Fuel Surcharges?


Are There Bathrooms On The Boats?

All of our boats have a bathroom.

Do I Have To Tip The Crew?

Yes, only if you had a good time. It is customary to tip the captain or guide 15 - 20% of the trip fare. If you do not tip we will assume you had a bad experience and will be calling to find out why you were unhappy with our services. This is a huge part of our quality control.

Can We Extend Our Fishing Charter While Out There?

Yes, IF we have availability. Let your captain know as soon as possible if you want to extend your trip.

What If It Rains And We Are Booked To Go Out?

We do not want to take anybody out inclement weather. If it is raining the morning of your trip, we will certainly talk to each other on the phone. Look at the weather radar and make our decision from there. If there is a small craft advisory I will refund the deposit.

How Many People Will Be On The Boat Charter?

The number of passengers is indicated in each boats description and confirmed when you place your order. It is 4 anglers for a four pack, or six anglers for a six pack. Please do not bring more than the number of persons you stated when you booked your trip with us. Boat is most comfortable with 4 large fishermen. A perfect 6 person crew would be two parents 3 kids and an in-law.

Is There Anything We Should Bring?

Everything you will need for a great fishing trip is provided. But ALL persons over 16 must buy a license online or at a local tackle shop. No exceptions. All trips include snacks, water, and sods. You do want to bring sunblock, sun glasses, and a hat and are welcome to bring your own rod/reel/tackle if you’d like.

Are Kids Allowed on the Boat?

Of course. There is nothing better than seeing a young kid catching their first big fish! We provide safety equipment.


We only have a couple of people, can we share a charter with another group?

If you want to share your charter with other anglers to reduce the price, go to our dedicated open party fishing website
www.sixpackfishing.com and sign up!

Will we have live bait?

Any trip over six hours will have live bait. Half day trips may use different bait depending on the target species.

Will the crew help/teach us if we are beginners?

Definitely! The crew dedicated to helping you have the best trip possible. We welcome beginners and the crew has a lot of experience helping new anglers. The crew will help you rig up your gear and they are always around to answer your questions. Keep in mind that the crew is responsible for every angler on the boat, so they may not be able to stay with you for the entirety of the trip, but you will be well taken care of.

Now that Marijuana is legal, can I smoke on your boats?

Marijuana despite it's legality is not allowed on our boats due to Coast Guard regulations. Please leave any Marijuana at home. Sorry